// Pioneering The Mindful Skincare Movement

“We believe people should be conscious of their skin and how you look after it. When you incorporate Kubu into your routine, you will experience how you become much more aware and mindful of your skin and its needs; this is what we call ‘The Kubu Experience’.” 


We are pioneering the Mindful Skincare movement for a better world. By doing so, we aim to help our community find their best skin, while also helping to better balance their emotions, mind + mood. 

Mindful Skincare

Mindful skincare is the practice of being aware and conscious of your skin, how you look after it and the impacts your choices have. We are pioneering the Mindful Skincare movement because we passionately believe that every aspect of Mindful Skincare is better for us, our planet and our furry friends.

100% Natural Skincare

We create skincare formulations with the purest of active botanicals with vitamins + minerals which are designed for conscious self-care rituals. Our flagship formulations are devised with powerful ingredients from our Earth including natural sea salt, Balinese volcanic clay and select botanical oils.

Zero Toxins, Synthetic Preservatives or Nasty Chemicals

All our formulations are batch-made with zero toxins, synthetic preservatives or nasty chemicals. We aim to educate our community about the use of harmful toxins and chemicals in many of the large skincare brand’s products so we can help people to make conscious decisions about what you are putting on to your skin and into your body. 

Cruelty Free + Vegan 

We are adamant that all skincare should be cruelty-free. We guarantee that all our products are cruelty-free, vegan and that absolutely no products are tested on animals.


We extend our sustainable mindset and ethos beyond our products and to our complete business operations. We aim for minimal environmental impact. You will see in this in our preference for recycled glass bottles over plastic, eco-friendly packaging and compostable mailers.

Australian Owned

We launched the first of our mindful skincare range in 2019 across Australia. Our headquarters is in Perth with many of our skincare products made in the Island of the Gods. All our products are available online with shipping to many countries across the world.