Mindful skincare is the practice of being aware and conscious of your skin, how you look after it and the impacts your choices have.

At Kubu, we are pioneering the Mindful Skincare movement because we passionately believe that every aspect of Mindful Skincare is better for us, our planet and our furry friends.

The 6 Key Practices to Mindful Skincare

Mindful Skincare Practice 1: Know Your Skin

Understand how your skin is unique to you. Our genetics, our life stage and our bodily and hormonal functions can influence our skin greatly. Assess and learn more about your own unique skin type.

Mindful Skincare Practice 2: Be Aware of Your Environmental Influences

Monitor how environmental exposures effects skin. Your skin condition and its needs can be impacted by a vast array of factors including the weather, the sun and UV exposure, as well as air quality and pollution. 

Mindful Skincare Practice 3: Be Aware of Your Lifestyle

Monitor how your lifestyle influences and impacts your skin. Lifestyle and choices such as fitness, diet, smoking, stress, mood and hygiene can all contribute to the condition of your skin.

Mindful Skincare Practice 4: Understand Your Skincare Products

Know what is in the products you apply to your skin. Do not expose yourself to harmful chemicals and toxins found in many skincare products and learn to nourish your skin from naturally healthy sources.

Mindful Skincare Practice 5: Make Conscious Skincare Rituals

Give your skin the time it deserves. It’s your body’s largest organ, and it’s on display every day. Be mindful and observe how your skin responds to your skincare routine. Monitor, refine and adjust to help it flourish.

Mindful Skincare Practice 6: Be Mindful of Others

Be conscious of your choices beyond your own skin. Choose wisely to not harm our planet, our furry friends or any others involved in providing the products and solutions that help you, be you.