Mindful skincare is the practice of being aware and conscious of your skin, how you look after it and the impacts your choices have. We are pioneering the Mindful Skincare movement because we passionately believe that every aspect of Mindful Skincare is better for us, our planet and our furry friends.


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Natural, Vegan + Cruelty Free

Volcanic Clay Face Masks

Bottle of Kubu Restore Charcoal Face Mask and Box

Restore Face Mask

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$ 43 AUD


Essential Face Serums

Anti-aging naturally with antioxidant rich powerful bioactive skin care and repair formulations. Suitable for daily use with all skin types, each serum contains highly concentrated active botanicals for optimising your skincare routine for younger, healthier looking skin.

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Kubu Essential Serum Trio bottles on bench with plant

Essential Face Serums

Drip of Kubu Renewal Eye Serum from bottle dropper Bottle of Kubu Renewal Eye Serum and Box

Renewal Eye Serum

$ 49 AUD
Drip of Kubu Replenish Face Serum from bottle dropper Kubu Essential Face Serum Trio bottles next to the box

Essential Face Serum Trio

$ 95 AUD $ 147 AUD


Kubu Acne Skin Ritual Kit

Calm, cleanse and restore blemished skin with our top performing natural skincare products for acne control. Our effective bioactive formulations are toxin free, vegan + cruelty free, as well as safe and effective for sensitive skin types.

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Boost & Glow Skincare Kits

Kubu Boost & Glow Skincare Kits provide the perfect natural skincare experience. Each kit includes a Mask + Applicator Kit or a Scrub of your choice with a Boost Face Cream and Glow Face Oil.

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Kubu Kits & Gifts

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Gift Card

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Restore, Boost & Glow Skincare KitRestore, Boost & Glow Skincare Kit

Restore, Boost & Glow Skincare Kit

$ 96.80 AUD $ 121 AUD
Exfoliate, Boost & Glow Skincare KitExfoliate, Boost & Glow Skincare Kit

Exfoliate, Boost & Glow Skincare Kit

$ 92 AUD $ 115 AUD
Cleanse, Boost & Glow Skincare KitCleanse, Boost & Glow Skincare Kit

Cleanse, Boost & Glow Skincare Kit

$ 92 AUD $ 115 AUD

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